Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Airline ITU

Ray resigned as flight crew in 2007. That was 6 years ago.

Do I missed flying? Yes.

Since 2007, I am trying my level best to travel at least once a year. Mengubat kerinduan. Since, there are few destination yang Ray xpuas pergi..I make those destination as my priority.

Beijing is one those destination yang Ray tak puas discover. Those days, aircraft yang pergi ke Beijing ialah Airbus A330. Since tak rated jenis kapal tu…for the first 7 years of my flying career..tak pernah jejak kaki pun ke Beijing…sampai la the company decided to include me in airbus fleet. Itu pun ada la 2kali. Short stay…freezing cold -18degress. Jangan harap la nak discover sangat kan?

Last year, dengan gigihnya plan utk ke Beijing. Yippie!!

Ray naik airline ITU. Murah. Ada offer time tu.