Monday, August 6, 2012

Bila Sukan Di Politikkan. Kekalahan Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei says sorry in his twitter right after his defeat to Lin Dan.  For me, Datuk LCW put up a good fight. 

Reading from all the tweets, many Malaysians are ok with it. Some say, there's no need for him to apologise as he already tried his best.

Mungkin ramai yang rasa kecewa bila Malaysia gagal mendapat 'gold' medal tapi bayangkan pula rasa kekecewaan tuan punya badan.

Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul.

Ray tidak berkesempatan menonton live match tersebut di TV semalam kerana escorting Dafi to his Ramadan Show di Plaza Shah Alam. While waiting for Dafi's turn to perform, what we did behind the stage....sibuk monitoring the tweets to find out about the game. Tak senang duduk kami dibuatnya.

Nerve racking sungguh (walaupun baca twitter) bila someone tweet 18-18 on the third final round. Few moments later, we found out that Datuk LCW kalah by few points. Aiyakkkkk. So close !

ESPN commentator had this to say of him: "Lee Chong Wei is such a great guy, but Lin Dan is a bit arrogant. Skills win you medals, but attitude wins hearts.

After the show, sampai rumah terms menonton semula apa yg ray rakamkan melalui Astro PVR (eklan jap..haha). It's so intense to watch (still) walaupun dah tau resultnya. Kekecewaan Datuk LCW dapat dirasai. 

Yang menonton rakaman tertunda ni pun ada rasa yg sama tapi at  the same time, still rasa 'proud' of him. That's how I feel. Bila bab2 sukan ni especially abt being Malaysian, I always believe that...people  (tak mengira fahaman politik, bangsa dan agama) will come together as one. Hajjah Maimunah dari parti PAS pun bersemangat menyokong Datuk LCW. 

But one politician (yg nak publicity murah agaknya) feels differently. Bacalah sendiri dan tell me what you think...bila sukan di politikkan!


Manoharan Malayalam ‏@mmanoADUN LIN DAN wins.He played better than Lee Chong AWAY. 

Manoharan Malayalam ‏@mmanoADUN Lin Dan is so stylish.So modern.Doesn’t look like a China man.But from China.Tattoo all over. 

Manoharan Malayalam ‏@mmanoADUN Najib,whatever monetary reward promised for Chong Wei,please give it to the poor boy Lin Dan. 

Manoharan Malayalam ‏@mmanoADUN @padmaking If Chong played better than Lin Dan,why Chong Wei did not win?So who is talking nonsense? 

Manoharan Malayalam ‏@mmanoADUN Whoever wins a GOLD Medal in OLYMPICS,we must congratulate them. 

Manoharan Malayalam ‏@mmanoADUN If Chong Wei played better than Lin Dan,why didn’t he win?We must be firm with our players so that we can see a GOLD one day, 

Manoharan Malayalam ‏@mmanoADUN Najib should stop promising monetary rewards to all our players before winning. 

Manoharan Malayalam ‏@mmanoADUN Many don’t seemed to understand when I said “poor boy Lin Dan”.Najib thinks of only money even in sports.Stop it. 

Manoharan Malayalam ‏@mmanoADUN Malaysia will win its first GOLD Medal in Olympics after Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. 

Manoharan Malayalam ‏@mmanoADUN Pakatan has a very capable sports minister in waiting.Give Pakatan to rule Putrajaya to bring in the Gold in next Olympics in Rio 2016. 

My reply to DAP Manoharan , 

No 1 : Even if it is true that Lin Dan play better than Lee Chong Wei you should not insult Lee Chong Wei by giving his a nick name Lee Chong AWAY ! 

No 2 : Why you have to drag Najib into this ssue ? Why should Najib give the monetary reward to Lin Dan where Lin Dan is not even a Malaysian ? 

No 3 : Hell dearest DAP leader , this is SPORTS and not POLITICS ! 

No 4 : Pakatan Rakyat can tell the public that they are better than BN but still they fail to capture federal power for the last 55 years but cant LCW fans claim that he play better than Lin Dan although he lost ? 

No 5 : LCW won a silver in the Olympic. As a leader from DAP why you never congratulate him ? 

No 6 : What wrong of Najib promising monetary reward to motivate LCW? So Pakatan Rakyat can PROMISE Rakyat with all their monetary reward before winning in an election and our Prime Minister cannot promise our own Malaysian Olympian monetary reward before Winning? 

No 7 : Pakatan Rakyat and DAP only thinks about POLITICS. This whole Olympic issue which are actually not related to politics also you politicize . 

No 8 : LCW is from Penang and Penang is under DAP . What the Chief Minister of Penang had contributed to the journey of LCW in the Olympic? So stop telling the public everything is all about Pakatan Rakyat. This is sports. Not politics. 

No 9 : Pakatan Rakyat have a very capable sports Minister in waiting? You all cant even come out with your own shadow cabinet until now . 

No 10 : In sports is okay to be a Lin Dan fans. Is your choice is your freedom. But is is not right to disgrace and insult Lee Chong Wei. Most importantly this is not a political issue. It is also your personal freedom to tweet whatever views you wanted. That is your democratic right. But what is morally wrong here is that you are a SENIOR LEADER FROM DAP should not tweet what is not morally right to tweet.

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Ri said...

so far dia sorang je dpt medal kan?
lbh dr baik dah tu!

NUke_Rude said...


aku suka jawapan2 balas kamu tu terhadap statement 'mental' beliau tu.


jangan cemarkan sukan dgn politik.