Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Airlines Walk In Interview

Haii...entry kali ini Ray nak tulis tentang 'Cabin Crew Interview' pada yang berminat nak terbang di awan biru. (sambil diiringi lagu I believe I can fly nyanyian R Kelly)

Reason Ray menulis entry ini ialah kerana ia adalah request from blog reader yang telah dihantar melalui email. Ray pelik juga tertiber je ada request...hahaha...later I found out ada open airline interview tak lama lagi gamaknya. 

As a person that have been in airline industry for 10 years doesn't makes me an expert or anything....pls look at it as sharing information. Some info I gathered here is through my experience, interview courses  that I have attended and information from  few airlines executives yang ray kenal.