Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nerve Wracking Moment

It is a nerve wracking moment for me this year. Last few weeks, worried semacam je. I have been doing these events for years now...but this one in particular..seram sejuk sikit

Worried biasanya when you think that you are not prepared. You have no trust on other people (people that is working for you) and.....scared facing parents expectation. 

We rehearsed countless times....and I trusted my team. So, what makes me worried? I guess it's the expectation thing.

Few hours before event, projector dewan buat hal. Projector jenis yang build it dan dah melekat kat atas.  Checked with the technician....as he tried everything he can...nothing seems to work. Prior to that, I was told that the hall that we have booked...double booking. Not a good start kan?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kawah Domas

Perjalanan ke Kawah Domas, Bandung...Indonesia

The only kawah that I encountered in Malaysia is Gulai masak kawah, Ya, gulai yang dimasak dalam kuali besar kat Bazaar Ramadan tu. Bayangkan kalo handphone jatuh dalam kawah ni...hahaha

Flash back kejap. Rewind. Another kawah experience I had in Melbourne.

It is very early morning in Melbourne. I received a wake up call from colleague of mine asking to go for breakfast together-gether (excuse my english).

"Ray! letsssss...siap and get ready. I will give another buzz once I'm ready"

I only need 15 minutes to get ready. 45 minutes later, I still haven't receive any call. Understand sangat bila perempuan bersiap. An hour goes by. Then, another 15 minutes goes by. I called her...but there's no answer. I guess that she is still in the toilet. Finally after one hour an a half....I received the call that I have eagerly waited for.

"Ray...jomsss....knock my door ya!"

"OMG ! lamanya!! Apa ko buat lama2 dalam toilet tu????"