Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nerve Wracking Moment

It is a nerve wracking moment for me this year. Last few weeks, worried semacam je. I have been doing these events for years now...but this one in particular..seram sejuk sikit

Worried biasanya when you think that you are not prepared. You have no trust on other people (people that is working for you) and.....scared facing parents expectation. 

We rehearsed countless times....and I trusted my team. So, what makes me worried? I guess it's the expectation thing.

Few hours before event, projector dewan buat hal. Projector jenis yang build it dan dah melekat kat atas.  Checked with the technician....as he tried everything he can...nothing seems to work. Prior to that, I was told that the hall that we have booked...double booking. Not a good start kan?

Somehow, my brother in law managed to settle the problem yesterday. Both parties agreed on something. As we finished at 5pm, the other kindergarten will come in and use the hall. That means we have to rush to finish before 5pm.

The other problem was, a huge backdrop yg the other kindergarten dah pasang. If we take it down..we have to pasang balik dalam masa yang terhad. Ikutkan hati, nak je bukak and biarkan aje dorang pasang balik sendiri nanti. But atas dasar timbang rasa dan win-win situation, the team think of a way to cover it up with our backdrop without taking down their backdrop.

As one thing settled, hal projector tak settle-settle. Projector plays an important role in this event for RSK. Without it...it's not RSK. Luckily, one hour before event (plan B)...we managed to call someone yg boleh pinjamkan another projector. Then, my bro in law have to rush to get it.

Risau nya amat. Would plan B make it on time? If he reach here on time..would it work? Masa tu kepala otak playing guessing game. If x dapat, redha je la ...stand by plan C...without the projector.

15 minutes before 2pm, my brother in law sampai  with the projector. As I am busy with parents coming in.....Shafiq, Nad and Husna..a friend of mine who came to help out..managed to place the new projector in place.....

We started on time. (tarik nafas lega). The minute you redha, terima dengan tenang....dengan izin Allah...ia menjadi lancar semula.

Event went smoothly. We finished before 5pm. We have to rush..clearing up! As teachers have their own task (layan parents) kat ruang makan luar dewan...tangan yang menghulur bantuan yang datang dari Megat, Shafiq, Husna and Nad meringankan beban dan menyelamatkan keadaan again.

Tengah2 kesibukan tu...an indian principal tadika masuk dalam dewan dengan muka berlagak marah2 (membebel). She expect that we cleared our guest yang tengah makan kat depan kawasan hall.  She implied RSK parents as "noisy like pasar!".

My brother in law suggested that she use the inner part of the hall for their registration process...because dalam dewan dah ready.

She then gives us  another remark  implying she don't care about inside the hall.

Ini situasi nya. RSK booked the hall through complete procedure..few months back. We send a letter, meet up with the management, waiting for reply...once application approved, meet up with them again to bayar deposit and pay in full weeks before the event.

I was told that the other kindergarten make their booking few weeks before with just a phone call....without paying a single cent....(one of the parents knows one datuk who happens to be one of the big people there). kes cable la ni.

What I have paid is not cheap. I have no problem paying....because to get what you want...you work hard for it...bukan dengan jalan mudah. People who pay..should have the priority. Ikutkan hati...nak fight for our right and insist to use the hall as we like. Tapi atas dasar budi bicara, we are willing to cooperate.  Bila dah bagi muka...this indian lady came and make her demand. She is so lucky that I am not in the mood to fight.

I have learned that there's no point to be angry and to layan orang bodoh, berlagak and tak bertimbang rasa ni. Ray salurkan kemarahan itu dengan membiarkan karma berlaku. (Dalam hati...good luck with the projector).

Kegembiraan ray pada si kecil pada hari tersebut menenggelamkan kemarahan tersebut dengan segera. We received thanks and congratulation from parents. 

"Terima kasih kerana menjaga anak saya...3 tahun cikgu menjaga dia...."
"Tahniah cikgu...this the best graduation ever!"
"Pastnya dia aka merindui RSK..cikgu"

dan banyak lagi kata2 perangsang dari Ibubapa dan tetamu yang hadir.

My proudest moment as an educator was the time when I see all the children performing on stage thinking that how much they have changed since their first day at RSK. All the best to Class of 2011. They will be missed. Thank you parents for sharing your pride and joy with me.

I will leave my readers with a 10 minutes clip on the event (the end part). In this video...few kids act as all Malaysian Prime Ministers and lastly all the students nyanyi lagu "Satu Malaysia".

Watch out for Queen Elizabeth in this clip. Must Watch!
Pictures credit : Megat Eusofe

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FaizalSulaiman said...

saya sangat berbangga dengan ray. setiap tahun buat updates pasal konvoRSK dan tahun ni ternyata mencabar!

Tahniah Ray!

Pala Maldini said...

teringin pulak nak tau... what happened to 'them' with the projector..

tak intai2 ke ? hehe..

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

TQ faizal. my proudest moment time nieh..hehehe
btw...2nd from right (1st pic) namanya aidid..anak Ijan Burger yg femes kat seremban tu..

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

wah concerned la sangatttt
nak tolong lah tu...hahaha

malas nak intai..menyakitkan hati je tengok muka minah tu..hehehe

edzlin007 said...

"good luck with the projector"..haha i like...

tahniah RSK dan pasukannya :)