Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crew Life 24 : Devil Wears Kebaya Part 4

Sebaik saja Amy keluar dari pintu cockpit, terperanjat yang amat sangat terpancar diwajahnya apabila melihat Cathy berpeluk tubuh melihatnya dari jauh.

"What's wrong with the Teh Tarik" tanya Cathy

"Captain kata tak sedap, he needs another one" Amy menjawab pertanyaan Cathy.

"Mengada betul Captain ni !! Bukan dia tak tau yg kita tgh buat service!!...Nak menggatal je keja !.Let me do it !"  marah Cathy.

Terkedu jugak Amy melihat reaksi  Cathy. Disangkanya, kena maki tapi sebaliknya pulak. Disebalik kegarangan Cathy, Amy merasakan yang Cathy menjaga crewnya dari dibuli. Meaning what? "Nobody bullies my crew except ME!!" kowt or simply because she wants to cake care any crew under her care. Allahualam.

Muka galley steward Rosley dah mula tension kerana one of the Inventum Oven doesn't work. He needs to transfer all the meals in that particular oven , to the other one that's working. But ..there's a problem. All the oven currently heating other meals as well. He need to quickly change it once the meal is ready. A lot of work to be done and there is a possibility a slight delay on the main course to be served.

Cathy yang baru balik dari menghantar minuman ke cockpit terus bertanya "Is the meal ready?".

"One of the oven doesn't work" jawab Rosley.

"Did you check the oven on ground?" ask Cathy

" I did...everything was fine..when I checked it" balas Rosley.

Cathy quickly refer the cabin log for defect. It's has been log in by previous crew....stated that Oven 712 slow heating and also an indication frm maintenance that it can only be fixed once the aircraft return to KUL due to unavailable spare parts.

Rosley dah kantoi. He supposed to check the cabin log on ground for defects. If he take note of the oven defect, he might have place meals yang portion paling sikit dalam oven yang slow heating tu hence he could avoid delaying the service. But it's too late now.

"How long you have been flying?" tanya Cathy dengan nada memerli.

"5 years.." jawab Rosley dengan nada yang sangat perlahan.

"5 years huh? It's obvious that you don't know anything about galley management" marah Cathy.

Rosley tahu sebenarnya. He simply forgets to check the cabin log. Kapal arrive late and he only had 10 minutes to do all his ground duties. Bila kapal sampai tadi, chaos sikit with cleaners cleaning the cabin and the catering uploading meals.

Muka Rosley bertambah masam after kena sound dengan Cathy. A relief for Amy because as she is not the only person yang KENA on this flight. Cathy's attention sort of beralih pada Rosley pulak so memberi sedikit ruang pada Amy menarik nafas lega.

Not for long! Disebabkan service sedikit delay...mood Cathy dah menjadi bertambah buruk. Cathy then scolded Amy sebab lambat buat collection and failure to top up passengers drinks. The crew would have to react as if there's no delay by providing drinks to passengers. With problems in galley, and Cathy who happens to divert her attention towards the problem in there, the cabin duties is all hers. Imagine.....all 24 passengers!

As she walks in the cabin....an english young lad by the name of Mr Brian Terry call for Amy.

"Can you please help me....my tv screens doesn't seems to work...It's blank"

Terhegeh2 Amy duk menekan remote utk access masalah tersebut but nothing. "Mr Terry....Can I get back to you...sir?"

Bedebar-debar jantung Amy. She don't know how to handle the problem. Obviously she needs to refer to either Cathy or Rosley. But...the thing is both of them are damn busy in the galley. Asking them will be tindakan berani mati atau BUNUH DIRI. She will now need to think of something quickly before Cathy finds out.

She ran downstairs quietly  to the main deck asking for help. "Seat 22C ada problem dengan IE dia...can u pls help me?" 

"Sure thing! I reset it for you...bagitau passenger tu jangan usik apa2 for few minutes" jawab crew yang bernama Amir.

"Thanks ...Amir" 

As she goes up to the upperdeck, Cathy and Rosley are still busy in the galley. Thank God ..Cathy tak nampak. Amy quickly jumpa Mr Terry yang handsome tu memberitahu apa yg diberitahu Amir. Few minutes after that, as Amy walking pass Mr Terry....he puts his thumbs up sambil mengenyit mata telling Amy that his TV screen is working now.

Belum sempat menarik nafas lega, kedengaran bunyi "CHIME" from the cockpit. OMG apa lagi yang cockpit crew ni nak? Since Cathy and Rosley still struggling in the galley...cepat2 Amy answered the call.

"Yes! Captain...Amy here"

"Can you pls tell Cathy and the rest of the crew that we are going to experience a turbulence in 10 minutes time. Secure your galley & cabin"

Nak tak nak kena la bagitau Cathy kat galley. 

To be contined

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IMAN'S UMI said...

huh terkejar2 Amy...sian dia...

Farazila said...

adess...tensionnyee.....rasa cam nk terjun dr flight tu jer..

Adi Luqman said...

bile leh baca part 5...
citer yg tersangatlah interesting.. kalau buat buku ke...series ke..mesti lebih best dr awan dania yang tak best tu!! hehehe

Pala.Maldini said...

Rasa macam aku pulak dok dalam flight tu dok peratikan Amy ke hulu ke hilir.. havoc juga ye..

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

can't wait to finish the story too...

Adi..thnks for the compliment ;)

lilo...ungkapan yg selalu crew gunakan tu "mcm nak terjun flight jer"

Iman's umi...
kesian kan? terkejar2
that's the reality yg crew kena cope up on every flight. You have no idea what to expect. Different working colleague, passengers, problems, challenges every single flight!

ray really wants readers to exactly be there! That's why ray try to ceritakan as detail as possible. I also wants to include a bit info abt things we do...nt just serving and look pretty.

thnks for dropping your comments ...guys!

FaizalSulaiman said...

1st: thanks very much ray.very very much sebab sambung! love this so much!

2nd:bila nak sambung?muahahahahha

Ashraff Mokhtar said...

insan yang cemerlang.

edzlin007 said...

fuhh tak sabar nak baca kisah seterusnya.

edzlin007 said...

fuhh tak sabar nak baca kisah seterusnya.

iyllienaz said...

haha..ray sila sambung lagi ye..

[r][a][y] eusouff said...


Happy to hear that you guyz enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for u guyz to read.

hence...I will continue writing it!

wuhuuuu !
( tgh draft part 5 )

Anonymous said...

RAY!! thanks for posting this up.. can't wait for the next episode.. hehe..


- Lina RD

hans said...

sambung cepat