Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lying is a bad thing.

Lying is a bad thing. Period.

I would be lying if I claimed myself as a person who never lied before.

When I was a kid, I lied to my mom. I accidentally broke her favorite vase. When mom asked me, I denied it and at the end, I paid the price for it. I think I wrote about it in my blog before. No need to elaborate further on that.

People lie for a reason. Mainly as an excuse.

"Would you come to my house tonight...ada makan makan. Jamil will be there too" asked a friend.

"Sorry, I can't make it. A friend coming over to my house tonight" I replied as an excuse. "That's great...bring your friend with you" he added. So, I have to give another excuse. Another lie to be exact.

I am not in good terms with Jamil and refused to see his ugly face. So, I lied to my friend and gave him an excuse as a cover up.

Another reason is to take care of other people's feeling. Here's the perfect example.

"How do I look?" I asked. "You look great" Zam replied. The truth is I look like Sh**. Why do I look like that? Here's the story.

After SPM, my friends convinced me to have a new look. My sis wedding due next week and I want to look good. A make over. So, they dragged me to the nearest salon in Seremban and ask the cheeky amoi with annoying voice to curl my hair.

"A new curly hair would be perfect !! Wavy hair is the IN thing right now." said Zam. The others agreed. Usually a trip to mamak will only take 15 minutes but here I spend almost two hours to look good. My first time so...what the heck...I am giving it a try.

After the whole process completed...I have the shock of my life. Then, I ask my friends ( I ulang tayang the drama )

"How do I look?" I asked. (definitely not like picture above)

"You look great" Zam replied with a plastic smile and huge round eyes starring at my new hairdo.

Everyone else said the same thing. I look great.'s getting worst. Right before the trip to the salon , they accompanied me shopping. We decided on a colorful modern batik alike shirt for me to wear at my sister's wedding.

I have darker skin back then. Can you imagine, my dark skin face with curly Pua Chu Kang hairdo and a colorful batik alike shirt ? I looked like I just got back from Madras on an official student exchange program. It's a make OVER disaster.

Last year, we talked about it and laughed out loud. Zam told me that he don't have the heart to tell me the truth. The best part is, none of it is my idea. That's the price for trusting a friend. No more make over from you guys !! I hated that look so much...and decided to destroy all pictures of me in it. The darkest moment in my life. LOL.

Dear readers, don't lie about something like that. Especially among close friends. If your friends ask you how does he /she look, just tell him the truth. If he looks fat...tell him the truth. If he looks like fart...tell him the truth. Truth hurts but it will avoid further embarrassment.

If you are lying for no reason at all, you are out of your mind. You belong with crazy people in Hospital Bahagia. Faking a profile or identity is considered as lying with mental illnesses. But all that on my next entry lah.

More lies on my upcoming entries. I mean...more about lies. LOL


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Anonymous said...

berbohong utk kebaikan tidak mengapa tetapi berbohong utk kepentingan sendiri itu tidak sihat.....

is-me said...

very funny post..lying is a bad thing but sometimes by lying it saves a lot of trouble...XD

FaizalSulaiman said...

nice entry ray!

edzlin007 said...

LOL. tak dapat bayangkan rupa abg ray masa tu. hmm berterus terang mmg boleh. tapi dgn ibuku, selalunya saya iya kan aja. tak sampai hati huhu.

Lina said...

salah satu tanda2 org munafik adalah bila bercakap dia berdusta..

tapi manusia memang tak boleh nak elak daripada menipu walaupun sudah cuba sedaya-upaya..

sometimes, we just have to lie.. sometimes we lie for good.. but sometimes people tend to always lie and lie.. it's their hobby..
but we need another lie to cover one lie.. and it will goes on and on..

NUke_Rude said...


bagus member2 ko tu bro. ye la, kdg2 mmg x sampai hati nk bgtahu pkara sebenar.. takut pelaburan yg dibuat itu tidak berbaloi..

jadi, menipu itu menyelamatkan kita daripada rasa terbazir...

waty said...

sometimes it just the best way...kan ray...

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

thnks for the comments....

terlalu busy lately
baru skrg dpt baca komen korang