Saturday, January 23, 2010

About Writing

A good friend of mine, once told me that I should write about my life in a book. My reaction was "Huh? A book ? You have got be to be kidding me?"

In my mind, maybe he was tired of listening and prefer to read it from a book instead. Or perhaps, another way of saying, "Tell me about it in a book".

I don't normally tell everyone I know about my life and what I do for a living. My lame excuse was who would be interested to read or getting to know me. He quickly replied, that I should'nt be thinking so negatively and let that lame, same excuse of mine stopping me.

So, instead of writing about it in a book, I've started my own blog to gain more confidence in my writing. It has been three years since and I am still here writing about something at least once a week.

I never actually like writing. My standard 2 teacher used to read my essay out loud in front of everybody. Not because it was good...but simply because to show others how bad I was. An example of what bad writing is all about, so that others can learn from me. SUCKS right?

When I was 9 years old, my BM teacher Puan Zainab forced me to write an essay about "Saya sebatang pensil". I have no idea on how to get started and ended up not submitting my homework. To me, writing about a pencil and imagining being one of non living things is plain STUPID. As the result for not submitting my homework, I ended up standing in front of the class as my punishment. Not just that, I still have to send my essay by the end of the week.

At home, my mom assured me that my writing is not that bad. She told me that she will be proud of me no matter what as long as I tried my very best. She also added that, she never wants me to give up ! Easy said that done..huh? Not to disappoint her, I completed my homework and send it the next day.

The upcoming week, Puan Zainab called me after class. In my mind...I might be in trouble again. Instead of scolding me, she complimented me for completing my task. Then she asked me "Did you write this yourself?". I nodded my head twice, thinking that she might accused me of getting help from others to be able to complete something that I don't like to do.

"You've got an A !!" she said. I thought that she was pulling my leg but I can see a huge "A" right in front of my eyes. Oh! How I wish she could say that infront of my fellow classmates! She can punished me but she couldn't admit that I am good in front of everyone? Huh.

Write about something that you know. I don't know anything about being a pencil. and have to make it all up. I hate to write. I hate Puan Zainab for forcing me. But I've got an A. At home, I showed my mom and she smiled and immediately bragged about it to Che Molah (my neighbor ) who happened to be in front of my house yard, gossiping about the latest current issues.

I have learned an important lesson. You don't have to like what you do and be good at it. Ahaaa! I have also learned that, you don't let yourself down just because others don't know how to appreciate you. I also know for the fact that as kids, we need some motivation to help us go through our studies. Throughout my standard two, if you're bad at something, never dare to dream of getting any motivation from others. If you are bad, the only thing you get is scolding. What you need is someone to motivates and encourage you. Even one out of hundreds, it will helps you to get better.

The best reward ever is to be able to make your mom smile and be proud of you. Even my mom was no longer around but she's still here in my heart. Thinking that if she's still alive, she will be doing the same thing..motivating me and encouraging me with her smile. Al-Fatihah.

PS : Apa kes ? Buang tebiat ke hapa..tulis in BI ? lol


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Anonymous said...

sometimes we never realise how far we can go.i never know i can really write something good until my teacher wrote my essay on blackboard as an example of a good essay...very funy!huhuhu

NUke_Rude said...


yang kali ni punya mmg aku suka ray! n yeah, aku agree ngan kawan ko yg suh ko publishkan buku tu. hahaha.

A for u; for this entry.

edzlin007 said...

i'am so touched. posting ni beri semangat kepadaku pula :)

Anonymous said...

i only love to write in Malay but not english.. haha..

lately i'm lack of idea what to write.. i've written a sajak before and it was published in the newspaper.. proud2.. :P

cmon ray,, continue your writing.. i love itt!!!

- Lina RD

omgpetch said...

sometimes we just don't know how good we are kan. hahaha

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

fndrocka, times kita x tahu our own potential
in my case, cikgu letak karangan yg x jadi as an example ..mana x sedey...haha

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

Cikgu Nuke...
thnks for the A.

jawapan pada suruh ray tulis buku is
"Huh? A book? You have got to be kidding me?"


sorry a bit melodrama dalam entry kali ni...hahah

[r][a][y] eusouff said...


in a paper...that's great !
u shud be proud of it..


sudah kan nak kenal potential diri sbb sifat kita yg terlalu merendah diri kut..
org yg kuat egonya xde masalah kut

[r][a][y] eusouff said...



bukan sudah

Ashraff Mokhtar said...

idea tu mari dengan sendiri :D

Anonymous said...

cool lah baca your writing in english. keep it up.