Friday, February 29, 2008

Sekitar Rakaman ZOOM IN @ RTM

Rabu 27 Feb, malam...Ray and the gang pi tengok rakaman ZOOM IN @ RTM. Ray dapat call seminggu yang lepas dari Encik Suhaimi frm RTM menjemput team DFC. Erra Fazira hostnya. Dan Dafi juga terlibat sebagai artis jemputan. Ramai gak yang datang. Lebih kurang 40 orang berbaju merah dan 300 penonton yang lain. Jom tengok sape kat [red karpet] dan apa kata dorang.

Mana Dafi ya? Dafi x dapat join bergambar sebab dia rush balik sebab nak packing and sebab he is leaving for Sarawak quite early in the morning. However he did call Ray when he reached home and send his regards and thank you pada yang datang.

Sorry, masa Dafi performed, we are not allowed to take any pictures. House rules. Any attempt, kamera akan dirampas. In fact, that evening ada a few camera telah dirampas. Tapi bukan dari kita orang la. Overall it was a good show and we had lots of fun being together as always.

Lawat lah & bacalah blog kawan-kawan yang lain pasal outing ni. Just click at their names here [megat] [adam] [faradiba] [Lyn]

[Next outing? Hurmmmm 22nd March sempena ulangtahun pertama DFC....Can't wait !!!]

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Film Review : Jumper [2008]

Davey lives alone with his father. But the truth is, it isn't much of a home. When things get so bad that Davey decides to run away, his big question is, Where? And how will he live? The magical answer is anywhere Davey wants!

Davey discovers he has the power to jump from one place to another. Not just a few feet. But hundreds, even thousands of miles! And as Davey explores his new power he learns that the world is literally his for the taking. But there are consequences too, as Davey will learn. Davey discovers that his ability to "jump" and transport himself anywhere is a genetic anomaly. He finds that it has existed throughout history and becomes involved in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between "Jumpers" and those who swear to kill them. Those who hunt the Jumpers are known as Paladins, an ancient sect who have long recognised the threat that Jumpers pose to the world. Paladins have the ability to sense when a Jumper is near and about to jump. They also have weapons to stop them. Cox (Samuel L. Jackson) is the leader of the Paladins and he warns Davey that jumping comes with consequences.

[My Review]
I was really looking forward to Jumper, the initial idea very much intrigued me, the trailer looked brilliant in my opinion, the fact Doug Liman was directing it excited me, then of course there was the small matter of Samuel L Jackson being in the movie! In fact as I sat down watching DVD in Seremban last Tuesday night, I expect Jumper to be a brilliant, enjoyable, sci-fi romp that would leave me feeling fulfilled and happy.

I suppose my expectations were far to high, as when I left Jumper I felt nothing but emptiness. Sure it was moderately entertaining, and Jamie Bell was absolutely brilliant, but for a movie that last 90 minutes so little seemed to happen. I knew as much about the characters at the end as I did at the beginning. Its essentially an extremely dumb movie designed to lure in crowds, this would be fine if the action came thick and fast, unfortunately it doesn't. In fact there are extremely long stretches where the action completely dries up.

The movie is also way too short, everything feels just so rushed that you forget what is going on. Thankfully the movie does entertain, it is quite fun to watch and you won't be bored in the film. I rate B- for this one.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dukun 2006

I have been waiting for this movie for ages. It has good review for those who have seen it and most anticipated & controversial movie in 2006. Still wondering...what really happened to this movie? The movie never been released for Malaysian audience.
This is the real Malaysian horror movie ever created in history. Some say it's a true story of a dukun by the name of MONA FENDI.

There are rumours that she uttered the word 'Aku takkan mati'-I will never die- before being hanged.Even after she's dead,many stories cropped up among horror magazines that her body turned into a monkey and fled into the jungle..yikes!! I also found few scary images that people claimed are part of the scenes in this movie. I don't have the guts to upload it here for everyone to see. I don't even know whether those images are true or not.

There are also few infos about this movie being released/requested by film distributors in other asian countries like taiwan, singapore, thailand etc and even in United States. Look poster above, it's has chinese words in it. A poster like that will never be published here in Malaysia.

The crime [ The Facts ]

In July 1993, an assemblyman for central Pahang state, Datuk Mazlan Idris, had approached Mona for supernatural help to boost his political career and climb the party ladder. He was persuaded by the couple to take part in a ritual in which he was to lay on the floor with his eyes closed waiting for the money to "fall from the sky." No money fell, instead it was the blade of an axe. Idris was decapitated and then dismembered and partially skinned. His body was found cut up into 18 parts and buried in a hole near Mona's home in the state of Pahang, about 130 kilometres northeast of Kuala Lumpur.

Mazlan was reported missing on July the 2nd,1993 after he had withdrawn 30,000 ringgit (then US$12,000) from a Kuala Lumpur bank. The day after the killing, Mona went on a shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur, and later bought herself a Mercedes-Benz and had a facelift. When questioned, Juraimi made a statement to the police which led to the discovery of Mazlan's remains. Unsurprisingly, Mona and husband immediately became the prime suspects.

Being curious on what really happened to this movie I dug some infos I have gathered from the internet. Here are my findings.

Dukun The Movie [Source : The Star June 3rd 2007]

Dukun, Astro Shaw’s RM2.8mil movie that is said to be loosely based on the Mona Fandey case, is completed but may never be released for public screening.

This is because “top people in Astro” regard the film as “too controversial” and that it “would not give Astro a good name,” sources told The Star.

Bewitching role: Umie Aida as Diana Dahlan in the movie ‘Dukun’ said to be loosely based on the Mona Fandey case.
“Astro said no to the film after all the work was done and despite the Censorship Board passing it without cuts and giving it a U rating,” said a source.

After Dukun’s release was postponed twice – in December2006 and again in March2007 – the Malay dailies reported in April that Astro Shaw was holding it back and reviewing its contents.

Astro Shaw executive director Tengku Datuk Anuar Mussaddad declined to comment but the company has issued a statement reiterating that it was still reviewing the film, which was produced by its subsidiary Karya Anggun, and that no decision had yet been made.

However, it added there had been sentiments expressed “concerning the appropriateness of the theme of the film for general release.”

“These sentiments revolve around segments of the film which are perceived as having been taken from actual events,” said the statement. “In the context of the sensitivities and concerns that have been expressed and in view of the attention received by the film, we have decided to review it in order to ensure that its release will not offend public and private sensitivities.”

Those who had seen Dukun, which stars Umie Aida and Faizal Hussein, described it as a brilliant film and good entertainment.

“I think it is a brilliant debut (by director Dain Iskandar Said),” said Yee I-Lann, who was production designer for the film. “It has its flaws, but it has got a superb script and some of the best acting I have seen in a Malaysian movie.”

An industry source concurred that Dukun was of “high quality.”

“It is pure entertainment and is a movie that was made with consideration to what audiences want,” said the source. “I like it and you can see the effort that was put into making it.”

A source close to the film’s production team said Dukun had drawn interest from film distributors in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, France and the United States.

Dukun is widely believed to be based on the infamous case of Mona Fandey, the bomoh who, together with her accomplices, murdered Batu Talam assemblyman Datuk Mazlan Idris in 1993.

There were rumours that Mona’s family had threatened a multi-million ringgit lawsuit against the filmmakers, but Astro Shaw had since dispelled those rumours. The company had also denied that the film is based on any actual events.

In its statement, Astro Shaw said Dukun is “a work of fiction” and “an adaptation of a courtroom drama” with “loose and coincidental resemblance to a murder trial that took place several years ago.”

While she is dismayed with the current situation, Hee said all those involved in the movie should feel proud.

“We’ve been wanting to make a good film for a long time. Now that we have done so, is it not reason to celebrate? We have reached a stumbling block regarding its release, but at least we’ve made a film that I feel we should be proud of,” she said.

Dain, who is currently in Indonesia, said that he was very much in the dark about the recent events surrounding his movie.

“As far as I'm concerned, I have done my job and delivered the film, but a lot of people put their hearts and souls into the project and it would be a major disappointment if Dukun is not released,” he added.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Film : Sayang You Can Dance

The first ever Malaysian dance movie ‘Sayang you can dance’ will be out in cinemas before the year ends.

Once upon a time, Dafi told me that someone offered him 'berlakun'. And my normal reaction is "Wow...what film?".
Dafi refused to give me details....and told me to wait. "Tunggggguuu"

"Ceh! baik x payah bagi tau langsung!". I mean kalau nak buat kejutan tu baik buat terus and xpayah intro-intro ni. Hampehhh!!

After few weeks I've got la info about it from a friend kat KRU. He told me the title of the film is "Sayang you can dance". My first reaction was "Say what??"
Another question pops who is the director? A name was mentioned...and then terus dilupakan. [Lihat poster yg telah discan utk nama pengarahnya]

It's official now. Dah keluar press release about this film.
The movie will feature a popular actor from Indonesia, Samuel Rizal and talented local artist Sharifah Armani. Other new talents are Smyth Wong, Carmen Soo, Dafi, Ebi Kornelis, Abdul Azim Md Aris, Suhaili Micheline and Alam.

PS : "Ayang u cannot dance" lakunan Myra & Megat akan datang 2028..kekeke

Friday, February 22, 2008

Aksi Kucing : Kalau Kucing Boleh Bercakap

Apa yang perlu anda ketahui kisah kucing dibawah ini berlaku pada masa yang sama dan sekitar tempat yang sama. Sebab tu latar belakang semua warna apam ijo [hijau].

"Huik...jangan kacau megat tengah dating nih !!" Sape la agaknya date megat ni ek...Megat kucing kuning tu dan yg hitam tu date megat. Sorry muka x nampak.
"Hai kawan2...Saf dah mandi dah ni? Bersih kan?". Safia Satin baru balik dari Spa Q kat Wisma Chuantuek. Sempat buat manicure. Lepas ni terus ke One Utama shopping pulak.
"Ala sape curik seluar adam ni!! Malu la...!" Adam menutup aurat setelah seluarnya dicuri oleh kucing jaat. Adam dikatakan telah lari berbogel sampai rumah dia kat Shah Alam.
Uik ! Mak Lampu ni..pantang dengar ceramah tido jerr . Semalam sambil menyudu sup pun tehangguk-hangguk menahan ngantuk.
Fendy & Azim : "Tulun..camner nak turun ni?" Kucing dua ekor ni katanya nak pegi menoreh tapi tak balik2 sebab tersangkut diatas pokok....[salah pokok utk menoreh]
" Alamak ! Lyn terasa macam nak buang angin pulak!". Lyn tak dapat menahan angin dan terlupa bawak minyak angin. lepaskan je la Lyn...xderk org nampak pun...huhuhuhu
"Bila lah lilo nak dapat boypren nih..hikhikhik"...Lilo mengenang nasib dan merenung jauh tentang masa depannya dalam pencarian mencari boypren sejati...
"Huwahhhhh...nape Nad rasa mengantuk sangat nih?" lama beno nad tunggu bash sampai mengantuk gilerrr. Dah la nak balik Putrajaya jap lagi...hampeh betul
"ekekekekkeke...eekkekekke..kelakar la cite mak lampu ni" gelak Joey. Joey mengertawakan mak Lampu sampai terbaring & berguling hindustan.
Farah & Afreeda tgh piknik "laparnya..bila nak makan?' Uik topi sape nihhhh? Mak lampu punya kerr atau adam punya?
"Mana la dafi ni...lama beno myra tunggu nih!!" myra tgh tunggu Dafi. Masalahnya Dafi tau kerrr Myra tunggu...Aiyooo Myra tunggu sampai Krismas dafi xkan datang punyerr...
"larikkkkkkkk...!!" ray melarikan diri dikejar kucing2 lain sebab buat lawak kat blognya
" korang nampak Myra x? Dafi nak larik dari myra nih" Dafi menyorok dari Myra. Myra dah menunggu dekat enam jam kat luar tue. Selepas menjenguk "Laaaaa ada lagi myra kat situ...bila dier nak balik...x reti nak balik ker?"

Moral dari sketsa ini ialah : Ray peminat kucing. Harap Maklum.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Mak Lampu Project

An idea was brought up to create a community for "not so famous bloggers" like us.
First we have to think of a name.

Since this is an idea from Amelia Contessa Siliconne, our temporary project name will be " The Mak Lampu Project" until a suitable name selected.

I will be creating a special blog page for members to receive assignments, projects, term & conditions, news etc. I am working on that right now.

For the time being, suggest few name to be considered.
Drop a comment and tell us what you guys think !!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dafinites Everywhere

Memang sejak kebelakangan ini, dimana ada event Dafi kat KL...Dafinites akan turut serta. Dan dimana ada Dafinites disitu juga ada Amy aka Mak Lampu. Mak Lampu ialah acting president DafiFC, menyandang jawatan tersebut selepas Ray resigned Disember lepas.

Gambar ni, Ray ambil dari portal hiburan melayu

Gambar Mak Lampu and the rest of DFC team memberi sokongan padu semasa Dafi melibatkan diri di event Rafflesia, Sg Wang Plaza. Nak tahu lebih boleh masuk blog Mak Lampu [klik disini] yang menyediakan juadah enak berkenaan trip Dafinites ini.

[Cari la muka Ray, Adam, Fara & Megat]
Sebelum Rafflesia thingy, Dafinites berkumpul di Wisma Ali Bawal untuk rakaman Aksi Murai Final. It was pure fun and as bonus Dafi's team won the challenge. His team Aura won a trip to India !!

Dafinites sekali lagi dijemput untuk menghadiri sesi rakaman program RTM "Zoom In".
Ia melibatkan Erra Fazira sebagai host rancangan tersebut and Dafi will be performing. Sesiapa yang berminat bolehlah join. Datang ramai2 ok berikan sokongan!! Info seperti poster diatas. Credit to Megat [klik disini for Megat's Blog] for this lovely poster.

Sekarang ray, wenkt & lilo tengah sibuk buat perancangan untuk trip DFC. Masih dalam proses perbincangan. Nantikan hasil perbincangan kami ok. Gerenti best punyerrrr !!

Last sekali Ray embed Youtube iklan Cornetto Dafi & Gita untuk tatapan semua. Chuantuekk kan iklan ni?
Terpikir lak nak buat iklan secantik ni utk Mak Lampu kekekek "iklan lampu...Hikayat Mak Lampu" larikkkkkk.

Perkara Yang Tak Patut Kita Buat In Public- Part 2

Ini lah muka saya kalau bersongkok. Nak memperkenalkan diri tuan punya @ penulis blog ini. Che che che! Jangan la hendaknya ada yang tersinggung ya. Hehhehehw

Sungguh manis kawan-kawan Ray ni. Gambar ini adalah perkara yang patut kita buat. Kalau bergambar bila berbaju kurung...gaya kenalah sopan macam dorang ni...

Yang tak patut kita buat ... [seperti berikut]

Keenam : Jangan ambil gambar sendiri. Jangan berebut-rebut. Nak amik gambar kena beratur ya. Susun diri elok2. [macam gambar kumpulan nasyid di atas]

Ray : "Nak bergambar jugak!! erghhh" [sambil menolak yang lain] akhirnya separuh je muka kelua

Dafi: "Erghhhhh...."

Megat : "Yey...gambar aku masukkkk!!!"

Ketujuh : kan ray dah cakap !!!! Berapa kali nak tegur ni....???? ish!!!
Jangan ambil gambar lompat2 kat public !!!! Burukkkkk

Lilo : "Alaaaaa...baru lepas makan !!! Angin la...rasa nak buang jerrr" prettttt

Mak lampu : "bluekkkkkkk"

Kelapan : Jangan panjat keretapi yang sedang berjalan.

Lilo : "Aiyoooooooo...kalau kena lenyek...leper la aku ni ...Pinggangku akan ramping kannn"

Adam : " Tungggggggguuuuu!!!"

Azim : "Agak-agak korang sampai x bangkok dalam masa sejam??"

Kesembilan: Jangan parking ditempat yang tidak sepatutnya walaupun ada kecemasan nature call.

Adam : " Ishhhhhhh ...lamanya si azim ni memerut...beranak kerrr???"

Tukang amik gambar : "A'ah beranak kembar kut?"

Kesepuluh : Jangan makan dengan kedua-dua belah tangan di khalayak ramai. Makan dengan tangan kanan sahaja sebab tangan kiri utk cebokkkk

Megat : "MMMMMM...nyum nyum ! Harus aku jolok anak tekak dan muntahkan balik apa yang aku makan ni" [pengidap penyakit anaroxia]

Dafi :
"Hampehhh nya Megat...makan sorang...xpe xpe! Nak merajuk nihhh"

Kesebelas : Jangan buat meeting ditengah-tengah karnival. Lebih2 lagi tengah panas.

Ray : "Adam....pembahagian tugas hendaklah diberi sama rata!"

Adam : " Hurmmm"

Bash : [dalam hati] Yo yo o je Ray ni

Megat : [dalam hati] eeee kamera...strike a pose

Lyn : "Aiyoooo hensemnya mamat botak belakang kedai tepung tu"

Keduabelas : Jangan tido semasa ceramah agama

Mak Lampu : " ZZZZZZ " [berdengkur]

Afreeda : [dalam hati] nak report kat Ustaz ke x ni...xpe la kut...sian mak lampu...penat tutup lampu semalam kut.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Perkara Yang Tak Patut Kita Buat In Public- Part 1

Pertama : Elakkan dari memakai baju yang warnanya sama dengan interior public transport.
Mak Lampu dengan bangganya memakai baju warna ungu sama dengan interior train Putra.

Amy : "Keceriaan warna dunia adalah keceriaan warna lampu ku"

Penyampuk : "Lampu warna ungu banyak kat disko"

Kedua : Jangan sesekali membawa bag plastik atau paper bag ketika outing. Kebanyakkan penjual kerepek menggunakan paper bag sekarang ini. Anda mungkin akan dianggap sebagai penjual kerepek.

Anda boleh mengelak dengan memastikan paper bag anda berjenama. Paper bag anda hendaklah dijaga dengan baik kalau nak bawak jugak. Bila anda membeli belah, paper bag anda kelihatan baru so x jadi masalah.

Yaty : "Keropok ! Keropok ! Keropok ! ...10 hengget dapat 3"

Penyampuk : Adam dah borong semua keropok Yaty ...lima minit selepas keropok itu dilaungkan penjualannnya.

Jangan isi barang terlalu banyak dalam paper bag anda. Bag yang mengelembung menandakan anda mengunakan semula paper bag anda.

Ketiga : Bila menaiki kenderaan awam seperti LRT pastikan anda tidak duduk ditempat yang tidak sepatutnya.

Anda akan dianggap warga tua, wanita Hamil dan orang kurang upaya [lihat gambar diatas dengan teliti]

Mak Lampu (kiri) : " I memang uzur pun ! period I dah mula"

Farah Debab : " Nama I..Debab, Fara debab...debab pun patut diberi keutamaan duduk k"

Safia Satin : " I tidak berupaya untuk berdiri...tu kira tak berupaya jugak kan?"

Lyn Kekabu : " I stewardess Garuda....tengah melayan mereka ni ha"
[Salah naik kapal la peramugari ni....]

Keempat : Jangan melepaskan angin ditepi tasik. Ia adalah satu bentuk pencemaran yang sangat serius. Air tasik akan bertukar warna nanti. Tak gitu Nad?
[gambar hiasan sahaja - takde kena mengena dengan yang kentut ataupun tidak]

Kelima : Jangan melompat tak tentu arah ditempat awam. Ia akan memalukan mereka dan keluarga mereka. Tebiat melompat haruslah dilakukan didalam tempat tertutup seperti dalam kompleks membeli belah.

Fara : "Yey...esok tak yah pegi sekolah !!!! "


Saturday, February 16, 2008

American Idol 2008 - David Archuleta

He is only 16 years old. The youngest among final 24 contestants. Being the youngest, likeable and a great voice ! are reasons why David Archuleta should be the next American idol.

All the judges including Simon, likes him !

Info that I've got from the internet.
Salt Lake City, UT
Favorite Quote: "You'll never be lonely if you learn to befriend yourself."
Audition City: San Diego
Musical Influences: Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin, Bryan Adams.

Favorite male pop artists?
Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bryan Adams, Kirk Franklin.
Favorite female pop artists?
Natasha Bedingfield, Natalie Cole, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey.
When did you first start to sing?
Around the age of 7, and really started performing in front of people at 10.
Do you have any formal singing training?
Yes, I've been taking lessons every now and then since I was 12.
What other talents do you have?
I've taken a little piano and have written a few songs.

My Comments
Last Thursday on Astro STAR World, I watched American Idol 2008 for the very first time. I have to say...I am impressed with the contestants in this season. All of them are talented and have great voices. What makes David Archuleta different than the others is his personality. I browse through the internet to find out more about him and surprised to find out that a website has been dedicated to him. He even have a few unofficial websites and few myspace accounts created in support for him.

He's such a joy to watch... I've had "Heaven" on repeat since Thursday night on YouTube, I'm absolutely addicted to it. I don't know why but he certainly have the X factor!

What you don't know about him is that he suffered from vocal chord paralysis as a child. But the crooner also won the Junior Singer Category of Star Search at the age of 12, causing some to wonder if he's overqualified for American Idol. Some also say, he will be getting lots of sympathy votes just because of his previous vocal conditions. For me, I don't see that he's having any problems. He is my pick to win American Idol 2008 !!

It is up to America now. For me, American Idol 2008 will be something to watch out for.

What do you guys think?