Thursday, December 4, 2008

Extreme Human Beings

A computer expert in ..a..a … village? No idea where it is.

Sitting on bottles
It is kinda boring drinking with your mouth everyday. Try to be creative like this guy, drinking with his ass.

Sleep on your bed girl, you might hurt your neck by sleeping like this. …zZz..

Drinking 5 glass of beer
Are you in a rush?

Tons of loads on bike
Oh my god! Are you crazy? Don’t watch too much of movies like Shaolin Soccer. It’ll make you mad.

Sleeping in public
It is not a good move to sleep in the public. It is even worst to sleep in that way in the public.

Old lady scotter
She’s old, but she’s not out dated. This is the first time I saw someone in that age on a scooter.

Alright, fine! I’m speechless this time.

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