Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dollar Obama

Note : You might find this particular post not suitable and may buat u tersentap ratu reading at your own risk ya. It was NOT meant to hurt anybody....and just a joke.

Our sepai from Amadika got wind in the market that Bank of Amadika will release new bank notes with the value of 50 cents (USD) into the market to commemorates the first time they got a non-white presidern!

So we sent our sepai to go dig for more infos la! after 3 days n 3 nites they play sepai and camp outside the Amadika bank ... they finally found a mis-printed new notes in the labish bin.

You will be among the 1st few millions ppl to see this notes before its being circulated in Amadika Market and world wide.

kiasu ladis & gentelman, I present to u Amadika latest 50 cents notes!!!

ps: lajan eh rajan...ko jgn sentap lor tengok ini lambar.

On different subject matter, U will be surprised what you can get from the net. LOL.

black hole of Calcutta

I am not suggesting anything...I leave it, to your own imagination! LOL

Ok people...get serious ...just a bit of history and what is 'black hole of Calcutta' is all about.

Pls note that picture above is NOT the picture of The black hole of Calcutta. LOL

The Black Hole of Calcutta was a small dungeon in Fort William, India where troops of the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj ud-Daulah, held British prisoners of war after the capture of Fort William on June 20, 1756.

John Zephaniah Holwell claimed that following the fall of the fort, British and Anglo-Indian soldiers and civilians were held overnight in conditions so cramped that many died from suffocation, heat exhaustion and crushing. He claimed that 123 prisoners died out of 146 prisoners held. Doubt has been cast on both the numbers alleged and on whether the incident happened at all, and some modern historians have suggested the incident was fabricated by Holwell as a piece of propaganda to blacken the image of Siraj.

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wénkt said...


purse purse i tengok itu lambar arr, i terus ingat kat lajen tau.

lambar ketiga tu lambar apa arr?

u r not suggestion anything, even you leave it to me, i cant imagine anything lorr (well, nampak sgt aku ni pure g**)


[r][a][y] eusouff said...


kes buta warna la ni