Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who Happens to be...

Once upon a time in Bukit Subang

Once upon a time in 1998, I met this guy who happens to be a Singaporean. His name is Shefryn Sedik. He is an airline crew currently with award winning Singapore Airlines. SQ won many awards but this guy...personally have won nothing...hahhahaha

Camner boleh jumpa this crazy whopssy daisy guy? Through my house mate Zack, who happens to be half Malaysian and half Singaporean. Masa tu my early days of flying as a cabin crew.

That's how our friendship thingy started. Tah, macam mana tergerak hati nak kol Shef ni semalam. So he happens to be on his way to KL. He is sort of in the process of becoming full fledge Malaysian [his wish!!]. He even rented a house in KL so that he can drop by to KL anytime he likes. Nak convert gituh.

So, last nite...moris, rosley and I went...bersidai kat rumah Moris while waiting for the arrival of his royal highness Raja tumasik..prince Shefryn The Third, who happens to be the future leading steward of SQ...[ naik pangkat la kiranya].

Celebrate? makan nasi lemak kat kampung baru.

Lepas melepak, we off to his place in Seri Kembangan. His house mate Nusi, who happens to be around that time. Hahahaha!~

Chuanthuekk rumah dia. Simple and nice. Very modern and interesting. Macam dalam kapal terbang...Muhahahha.

The last time, Ray lepak ngn Shef ...I think about few years back. Masa raya! [gambar atas sekali]

We ended up taking few pictures kat feature wall rumah Shef yg penuh dgn cover magazine.

Me, Rosley & Moris [my arline buddies]

Shefryn - far right...not that far...who happens to be in the pikca

After bergambar, meredah lappy Mac tuan punya tanah...selongkar file....godek function...after that baru la tau...why Mac jadi pilihan u ols...mmg interesting...

We left his place almost 5am.

3 mulut cakap2 belakang:

~SYAMELIA~ said...

ray, u looked so different 10 years back... but yr house doesn't...

i loved the feature wall..
its so 'hawt'... n creative...
must've been lotsa work n effort...

$HeF said...

Hahaha.....This photo @ Ray's Place was Actually taken on 4th April 2006! First time @ Ray's apartment, it's got this warm and cozy feeling which instantly makes you just wanna stay home and chill, watch TV and snack! All day! So good to see you again Ray after so long!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! takde la lama ...2 years je.

yang OMG tu...perubahan pd diri yg semakin berat mata memandang...ahaks

Amy, takde la lama buat feature wall tu. yg pening tu bila nak bagi frame to sama...huhuhuhu menghilangkan efford terdahulu..wah!

and mmg ray x suka ubah keadaan apartment dgn kerap kerana ianya

yg sendiri satu rumah...

Shef,my mixed bourne identity friend...kekekke
thnks for the compliments.

sori malas nak log in