Friday, May 9, 2008

Rumah Si Kecil presents...

Date : 10th May 2008 [Saturday]
2.00 pm

A big yearly sports event for si kecil. Team spirit, determination and excitement. The RSK way !

About RSK Games Click HERE

About Rumah Si Kecil CLICK HERE

Dear Parents,

Our heartiest congratulations to you for being so supportive during the sixth edition of the RsK GAMES held recently.

The ‘ Bombastic ‘ BLUE team was crowned Champion of the Games followed marginally close by the ‘ Dynamite “ YELLOW and the ‘ FIERY ‘ RED consecutively.

To us , all the students of Rumah si Kecil are CHAMPIONS in his or her own way

Ray nak ucapkan terima kasih pada Amy and Lilo kerana sudi datang. Amy thnks for writing abt it in your blog!!!

3 mulut cakap2 belakang:

fara said...

rayyy update psl sports day.
nk tauuuu
korg semua bergembira kt sanaaaa
hehe :D

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

happening as always...

lilo, megat n amy melantak burger x henggat!!! hahahha

Mr Ali McB said...

aww so cute! ray mmg keje kat sban ek? I grew up near stadium paroi tu tauu, study kat KGV sampai form 3 :)