Monday, May 26, 2008

About Food : Coast, Alamanda

This my first review about food and restaurant.

First of all. Layak ke bagi kritik or buat review? I asked myself that. I am lousy at cooking but on the bright side I have few good reasons of my own.

For the past 10 years I have traveled extensively all over the world to 5 different continents. I love food. Itulah kelebihan menjadi flight crew. You can try food from all over the world.
Sebelum jadi crew, Ray pernah kerja as in a hotel as a Concierge. Being a Concierge, I recommends good restaurants to guests. I also received invitations from major restaurants in KL to their restaurants, so that I can recommends them to our hotel guests. All complimentary.

I learned about food and beverage as it is important for my work as a cabin crew. I served food to passengers and trained to serve first class travelers. I must have good product knowledge about food and beverages.

Whatever it is, who cares kan? This is a personal blog and nobody stopping you from doing anything. You can write about whatever you want and that includes and food. Megat, Rosley and I have the chance to dine at Coast in Alamanda last Sunday. Rosley belanja. Yipppieee !!

Restaurant : Coast, Alamanda Putrajaya
Time : Dinner
Western Food

Ok back to the restaurant. I have listed few touch points as my total feel good dining experience. These five points is my way of doing my review in the future. It's not just about the know. It's about the whole experience.

Touch Point No 1
Greetings - Make My day - One to one dialogue
The waiter who attend us did not approached us at all. No greeting and I don't feel welcomed at all. We went in, and carik table sendiri.
The waiter did escort us to our table but remain silence. He handover 3 menus. I asked the waiter to give us 5 minutes.

Touch Point No 2
Menu Discussion
The waiter did come after 5 minutes. He showed up and expect us to tell him what we want. [Faham-faham sendiri la kan...] He is so quiet so, I don't dare to ask him and what his recomendations would be. To me he should excites us with food in this restaurant.

So, with only guidance from the menu, we ordered Senorita Chicken Nachos and BBQ Chicken Wings for appetiser, Black pepper fried chicken and Spaghetti Bolognaise for main course, Coast Mud pie for dessert. lemonade, one mineral water and one guava juice.

Touch Point No 3
Dining Experience

The Nachos mmg sedap. Cruncy and you can tasted the chicken. With excellent thick creamy sauce. No idea apa nama sauce tu...hahhahaha

The BBQ chicken served hot [baru goreng] but dalam macam tak masak sangat. You can see the pink part of the meat. The BBQ sauce however is excellent !! here I go again with the sauce! Hahha!

The spaghetti was very hot and spicy. Terjelir lidah den ni ha. Honestly, never in my life...makan spaghetti podeh. Normally it is up to customer to choose kan? or pedas sesedap rasa dengan mengoffer tobasco sauce for instance. Or cili potong [only malaysian do this]Don't la pi overseas and ask for cili potong as the waiter will look at you one kind.

No indication in the menu that this spaghetti would be hot and spicy. Minus point here.

Megat is having Black pepper fried chicken. Ray rasa sikit. Sedap ! Black pepper sauce tu mmg sedap. The kentang putar was so rich sbb dicampur dengan susu. Payah jugak nak telan sebab naik loya jugak kalau consume banyak-banyak. The maize, memang well cooked and juicy. The garlic bread...a bit burn but kira ok la tuhh.

Lastly, the dessert. Besar giler portion nya. Sweet and just nice for three of us. Can't imagine finishing it on your own. Nampak kecik dalam menu and dlm gambar tapi mak besar gadabak ok.

In the menu stated, chilled juice. To my understanding, chilled juice maknanya without ice. My guava juice that supposed to be chilled was served with ice. Maybe I should rephrase "Chilled Guava Juice without ICE" when I ordered next time. Wahhh!!! laser.

Another point taken out from the juice incident. huhuhu.

Touch Point No 4
Interior & Dining ambiance

Well decorated and private [sbb x ramai orang]. No pipe in music. Tak bising and very relaxing. Ada ler jugak dengar bunyi pinggan mangkuk kadang-kadang from the kitchen. They provide magazines for reading and that sort of helps us to entertain ourselves while waiting. Every table ada focus light directly to the our individual table. The food looks good especially under the light.

Touch Point 5

Surprisingly, one of the waiter did wish us thank you and asked us to come again with a big smile. Maybe glad to see us go after being there for more than an hour...hahahhaha.

Would I come again? The answer is YES. Why? Sebab it's very cosy and you will enjoy the food more with that cosy, private kind of environment. Sort of a good place to kill time as well. And because of the nachos and their excellent sauce...hahhaha. One thing for sure I wont be ordering the Spaghetti on my next visit!!

Points : 3.2 out of 5.

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Anonymous said...

ahaha. ray!
the food looks good..kalau Ray dah kata sedap, mesti sedap.

[Lina RD]

Anonymous said...

never heard of Coast
which part of alamanda?

fara said...

haha ray,
bleh la kite VID makan kt sana nnt one day.. insyallah. clebrate bday ke.. sapa la punye birthday after diz kn? wakkaka

~SYAMELIA~ said...

aiyoo ray....
yr food review very the meletops la...
so does the outlet...
unlike mine, very the merepexx one...hahaha...

btw, way 2 go ray...
keep up the good review...

-not enuff said-
-nak review lagi-

Anonymous said...

yup yup! meletup punyer food review.
rasa mcm mkn brsama

Anonymous said...

lpas ni review makanan apa plk?