Monday, April 14, 2008

Win, Loose Or Draw

Have you heard of this game before? This game was made popular in a tv program back in the 80's.

How to play this games? You need to form two teams. One team consist of 3-4 people. You also need a board with papers or a white board, a marker and flash clue cards. One person need to draw and the others in the same team needs to guess.

Step 1:
Write down up to 8 items [write each item in separate flash card], such as movies, television shows or books, for each team. Teams will pick from the opposing teams pile.

Step 2:
Pick a member from your team to be the drawer. Each person on the team should take a turn at being this person.

Step 3:
Choose a piece of paper or white board and as the drawer, draw what is on the flash cards.

Step 4:
Call out start and begin the timer before the drawer begins drawing. A person from the opposite team should do this.

Step 5:
Call out answers or guesses to what you think the drawing is. This is done only by the drawers' team and can be done by all on the team in any order.

Step 6:
Guessing part of the title or any piece of the title can be considered correct, it is up to the person who is drawing to make that call.

Step 7:
Racking up the most points will help you win.

Sketching Rules

Step 1:
Draw only pictures, arrows, signs. Do not draw anything that would be considered a part of the alphabet, a number or the name of what you are attempting to draw.

Step 2:
Use images only. Do not speak. Body language may be used to help the guessers know that they are on the right track.

Step 3:
Creating an ear is acceptable. The ear represents "sounds like" to the guessers.

I have the chance to play this game last Saturday with friends. And I was the moderator/host/game master for the game..meaning I created the item [words] and moderate the game. The game master must ensure rules are follow accordingly.

The idea came from "The Cantek Gurlz'" few weeks back. This game comes with a picnic. Berkelah di Taman Tasik Shah Alam. Hahahaha !

We enjoyed ourselves during the game. My observation are:

1- Amy need proper breathing techniques if she wants to draw for her team.

2- Lyn...very competitive, really work hard to win. Focus and GIGIH. Azim asked me to add this ...ahaks.

3- Fara the most energetic of all. She can't even stay still. She teased others a lot and ended up being bullied by others. She is also a rule breaker.

4- Azim...for the very first time ...nervous. His heart beat so fast as if he is going to war.

5- Fendy couldn't stop laughing and his bawang face turns red everytime he is under pressure.

6- For the very first time I saw Megat bullied Fara [not related to the game]

7- Lilo, pls draw properly especially when the card stated "Batang Berjuntai".

8- Surprised that Adam can draw well under pressure. The image was not even close being real but the ideas to draw and to give clues are well excuted. It helps the guys to win the 1st game. He can't read Lyn's handwriting....ahaks

9- Joey, thanks for cake. Joey came later with a cake to celebrate...hehehehe

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Farazila said...

hampehh punya APAE...
mmg xpandai melukis pon...
tp stil kak emi, kak lyn n fara boleh paham okie...
xnmpk ke lilo lukis pokok!!!

fara said...

kalau ade gmba lg bestt ni :D

A rule breaker ?
alaa biasa la. dak kecik kn. hehe.

omg ray. jahat gle. kesian lilo.
korg APAE ni ske la sgt pikir bkn2. hahahahaha!

Megatt dah jahat.x pnah buli fara tbe2 buli fara hari tuuu !

Anonymous said...

proper breathing techniques huh...
r we talking abt drwing or delivering baby???

it juz happened la ray, i pun never realised on the way i breath if m under preasure...

motiff mention abt the camera baru thingy...
xperlu ok...

ala ray,
yg penting we know its 'batang berjuntai' despite the lilo way drew the subject...

-amy yg malas nk log in-

Anonymous said...

pokok camtu ker rupanya...? hahahaha

betul tu kak Amy...janji dapat teka!
jelas benar yang lukisan itu tidak menyerupai pokok kan? Tapi menda laen.

Anonymous said...

apae is the bestt..fara jgn nak byk cakap ok....coz ingat tak apa yg i ngan azim cakap....
"muka je chantik...tapi tulisan...cakar ayam(azim yg tambah cakar ayam tu)....
oh wanita!!!...mama mama mama..(jgn mare yeeee..i likee)


Anonymous said...

Kepada tuan punya site...Wa ahli rejimen nak kasi tinggal jejak...terasa bak d syurga sini..

Anonymous said...

Waaa BatakLongsi...bila masa kamu tinggal jejak..Siti pun nak tumpang sekaki,,tapi xnak la masuk sekaki dlm neraka..nak bersama ahli syurga bercop didahi...


Anonymous said...

A'a laa.bila BatakLongsi kasi jejak..wa pun nak kasi ludah sket..tinggal jejak..betul Siti..katakan tidak pada neraka..wa wat tahajud minta petunjuk pagi td..


Anonymous said...

guys...port::7080 aktif...Penjara Malaysia....


Anonymous said...

weii mamak ping aku....kata port 7080 aktif...


Anonymous said...

Yaa banar...abis line kena detect mcm mana?


[r][a][y] eusouff said...

Kepada yang membaca komen-komen tersebut....anda akan sedia maklum sendiri siapa penghantarnya. So, i will not delete those comments as proof.

Lilo and others, pls take note. You know what really happened.

However, with immediate effect....
This blog does not allow anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

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fara said...

aw :)
gmba dah ade! best best!

fara said...

eh fara bru perasan.
gmba first tu.
kurang asam nye si azim and adam.
eleh ingt korg tu bgus sgt kerrrr
pompuan is da best laa!
xyah nk boo boo!

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

sabar sabar
perlakun terkenal kena banyak bersabar ya...heheheh

fara said...

motiffff? pelakon trkenal kerr?
hahaha :P