Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy Week

Monday 21 April 2008
Last Monday, went to "the place" utk bentangkan our approximately RM300K per year worth punya proposal. I had a very bad flu and demam. Ubat ditelan dengan gigih dengan harapan it will go away......

Appointment : 3.45 PM
Place : Somewhere Over The Rainbow

reached location 15 mins earlier. Decided to call my future business partners. Found out that something comes up. One tiny problem. They wouldn't be able to make it on time.

My flu is killin me.

Solution : To start discussion without my business partners.

Findings : Our paperwork needs major construction.

Bad News : Next presentation is less than 48 hours. Things that we need to do needs at least 5 days to complete.

Good News : My business partner manage to catch up 45 minutes later.

With so little time and so many things to do, I cancelled all my appointments that night. Kena bincang balik and re-do some part of the proposal.

Tuesday Night, 22 April 1008

Leave Bukit Subang for MidValley at 7.50pm. To collect Megat's Diva painting for his next exhibition. Megat supposed to be there and Meet Ning & Omar at 8.30pm.

Problem : Massive Traffic Jam at Federal Highway. 3-4 accidents and bad weather condition.

Manage to get there at 8.45pm. [15 mins lambat]

Rain-Rain Go Away !

After that rushed to area Puduraya to meet up my business partners. Nak buat final ammendment for our proposal.

Hujan masih tak berhenti-henti.

Wednesday 23 April 2008

With so many things to do, we stayed up until 5 am. And countdown for our presentation is in 4 hours time. I left at KL at 5.15am walaupun kerja x siap and my partners kena continue the rest.
Tak tido langsung....rushed to Bukit Subang. From KL. Reached Bukit Subang around 6pm and getting ready.

At 9.30am...somewhere over the rainbow...we meet up. Our proposal/presentation still x siap sepenuhnya. We sat down and finished it until 10.30. Rushed to the office and wait...wait...wait for our turn.

Around 12.30 noon, they called us.
One huge meeting room with more than 30 top management people to listen to our presentation.

Problem : Our laptop x comply dgn projector dalam meeting room. Struggled for 10 minutes to fix it. Our presentation supposed to take around 45 to 60 minutes. Now we were requested to do it within 15-20 minutes. Oh My GOD !!!!

I started the presentation followed by my business partners.

Good news : We did well. Good feedback. Few compliments and all questions dijawab dengan baik. We had lunch with all the top management people.

rumah persinggahan

Ray gerak singgah rumah my best friend kjap. Lepak2 jap sbb tak larat nak drive terus menerus. He just got back from flight....late lunch with him kjap. Ting Tong to the max sbb dah masuk jam ke 32 tak tido.

On top of all the trouble that we went through....I am not feeling well. I had bad flu and a temperature. Demam tahap cipan. Dengan faktor hujan dan tak cukup tido keadaan jadi lebih teruk.

Balik rumah pukul 6 ptg terus pengsan.

Thursday 24 April 2008

Notice ada scratch kat depan kereta. Tak perasan pun before this. My suspect : Kena gesel masa kat tempat parking kat umah in Bkt Subang.

Also received call from Dafi. Dinner appointment esok terpaksa cancel sbb Dafi ada recording for his first album. He told me that he completed 7 songs now and next week masuk 2 lagi lagu dari komposer Indon. Wahhh ! masuk pasaran Indon nampak...Well good for him and happy for him as well. His album will be in the market in July 2008.

Friday 25 April 2008.
This morning received good news. We are going to present our presentation next Friday for final evaluation. Harap-harap semua ok. Doakan agar semua berjalan dengan lancar nanti.

Amy ajak lepak malam kat Pak Li tapi ada hal la pulak terpaksa cancel last2 minute. 30 mins before. Sorry ler guys tak dapat join. Invitation from another friend utk menoreh jugak terpaksa Ray tolak.

Still tak fully recovered from my killin me softly punya flu disease. Ubat dah abis eloknya dak lagi.

8 mulut cakap2 belakang:

fara said...

omg ray. kesian nye i bca..
hm omg ray busy gle kn?
okay get well soon k?
take cre of urself!
will pray for you!

see u soon =)

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

thanks Farah
getting better

~SYAMELIA~ said...

fyi, we didint lepak pun last nite...
apparently, mak buih were still in kl , so mcm x cukup corum, so i decided 2 call it off...
nxt tyme kt lepak ok guys...

u'd better take tremendously good care of yrself...

--> inilah 'natijahnya' kalu TUN dah demam...

Farazila said...

harusler busy mussy klu nk project ard rm300k kan...
lilo wish good luck n success k...

alalalala....shian nye...
jg kesihatan yer...
makan ubat on tyme k...
gi rest..

Lina said...

busy nya ray nie..
no wonder no news..
wow, project 300k..
mesti laa work hard for it kan?
i wish you luck for it!

mkn ubat tau.. nanti makin sakit susah.. takleh nak keja..

p/s: lina pon tgh flu, cough and demam jugak.. maybe because of the weather kot..

KC said...

ko pun sama mcm ally mcbeal..
btw, minum la 100 plus berbotol.. biar flu tuh ok..

klu x pegila menoreh!!

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

ray sudah sehattttt

separuh sihat


ally mc beal?

terlebihhh sudahhhh ko ni KC

fara said...

haha ooops terlebih sudah

owhh separuh sihat?
okay skit lg tu sehat laaa =D