Friday, February 1, 2008

Film Review : Elizabeth The Golden Age (2007)

I just saw Elizabeth, The Golden Age on DVD and that movie is not only well done but intelligent in how it points out the flaws in our ever backwards society.

For a moment, I can't help it but see striking similarities between Joan of Arc and the portrait of Elizabeth in this movie. I am not educated enough to know how accurate is the story line behind this movie, so that's all I am going to say.

The movie is grand but Kate Blanchett absolutely transcends the portrait of Elizabeth. She displays the mastery of her art to perfection.
She draws you in her character with every cell of her body, her voice, her breathing, her eyes, her posture.

I enjoy the experience of a historical drama where you feel the characters. Where you see their struggles and witness their strength. Elizabeth does this. The acting is top grade, often wordless expressions telling the tale, the lamenting. The costumes sublime. The settings, so there, in that time, in that historical place, further enhanced by interesting camera viewpoints. Ah, the flurry of the billowing sails, the armada, the impending storm… their/your emotions tumultuous, yes!

However, do not go for these reasons, go to strengthen your character as a human being. Go to watch a great woman torment over right, wrong, and duty. She feels and fears what everyone else does, yet pushes the fear down and moves on doing the right thing for her people. Love her sense of strength.

Elizabeth was a great film! Go see it now.

My rating overall : B+

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