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Dukun 2006

I have been waiting for this movie for ages. It has good review for those who have seen it and most anticipated & controversial movie in 2006. Still wondering...what really happened to this movie? The movie never been released for Malaysian audience.
This is the real Malaysian horror movie ever created in history. Some say it's a true story of a dukun by the name of MONA FENDI.

There are rumours that she uttered the word 'Aku takkan mati'-I will never die- before being hanged.Even after she's dead,many stories cropped up among horror magazines that her body turned into a monkey and fled into the jungle..yikes!! I also found few scary images that people claimed are part of the scenes in this movie. I don't have the guts to upload it here for everyone to see. I don't even know whether those images are true or not.

There are also few infos about this movie being released/requested by film distributors in other asian countries like taiwan, singapore, thailand etc and even in United States. Look poster above, it's has chinese words in it. A poster like that will never be published here in Malaysia.

The crime [ The Facts ]

In July 1993, an assemblyman for central Pahang state, Datuk Mazlan Idris, had approached Mona for supernatural help to boost his political career and climb the party ladder. He was persuaded by the couple to take part in a ritual in which he was to lay on the floor with his eyes closed waiting for the money to "fall from the sky." No money fell, instead it was the blade of an axe. Idris was decapitated and then dismembered and partially skinned. His body was found cut up into 18 parts and buried in a hole near Mona's home in the state of Pahang, about 130 kilometres northeast of Kuala Lumpur.

Mazlan was reported missing on July the 2nd,1993 after he had withdrawn 30,000 ringgit (then US$12,000) from a Kuala Lumpur bank. The day after the killing, Mona went on a shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur, and later bought herself a Mercedes-Benz and had a facelift. When questioned, Juraimi made a statement to the police which led to the discovery of Mazlan's remains. Unsurprisingly, Mona and husband immediately became the prime suspects.

Being curious on what really happened to this movie I dug some infos I have gathered from the internet. Here are my findings.

Dukun The Movie [Source : The Star June 3rd 2007]

Dukun, Astro Shaw’s RM2.8mil movie that is said to be loosely based on the Mona Fandey case, is completed but may never be released for public screening.

This is because “top people in Astro” regard the film as “too controversial” and that it “would not give Astro a good name,” sources told The Star.

Bewitching role: Umie Aida as Diana Dahlan in the movie ‘Dukun’ said to be loosely based on the Mona Fandey case.
“Astro said no to the film after all the work was done and despite the Censorship Board passing it without cuts and giving it a U rating,” said a source.

After Dukun’s release was postponed twice – in December2006 and again in March2007 – the Malay dailies reported in April that Astro Shaw was holding it back and reviewing its contents.

Astro Shaw executive director Tengku Datuk Anuar Mussaddad declined to comment but the company has issued a statement reiterating that it was still reviewing the film, which was produced by its subsidiary Karya Anggun, and that no decision had yet been made.

However, it added there had been sentiments expressed “concerning the appropriateness of the theme of the film for general release.”

“These sentiments revolve around segments of the film which are perceived as having been taken from actual events,” said the statement. “In the context of the sensitivities and concerns that have been expressed and in view of the attention received by the film, we have decided to review it in order to ensure that its release will not offend public and private sensitivities.”

Those who had seen Dukun, which stars Umie Aida and Faizal Hussein, described it as a brilliant film and good entertainment.

“I think it is a brilliant debut (by director Dain Iskandar Said),” said Yee I-Lann, who was production designer for the film. “It has its flaws, but it has got a superb script and some of the best acting I have seen in a Malaysian movie.”

An industry source concurred that Dukun was of “high quality.”

“It is pure entertainment and is a movie that was made with consideration to what audiences want,” said the source. “I like it and you can see the effort that was put into making it.”

A source close to the film’s production team said Dukun had drawn interest from film distributors in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, France and the United States.

Dukun is widely believed to be based on the infamous case of Mona Fandey, the bomoh who, together with her accomplices, murdered Batu Talam assemblyman Datuk Mazlan Idris in 1993.

There were rumours that Mona’s family had threatened a multi-million ringgit lawsuit against the filmmakers, but Astro Shaw had since dispelled those rumours. The company had also denied that the film is based on any actual events.

In its statement, Astro Shaw said Dukun is “a work of fiction” and “an adaptation of a courtroom drama” with “loose and coincidental resemblance to a murder trial that took place several years ago.”

While she is dismayed with the current situation, Hee said all those involved in the movie should feel proud.

“We’ve been wanting to make a good film for a long time. Now that we have done so, is it not reason to celebrate? We have reached a stumbling block regarding its release, but at least we’ve made a film that I feel we should be proud of,” she said.

Dain, who is currently in Indonesia, said that he was very much in the dark about the recent events surrounding his movie.

“As far as I'm concerned, I have done my job and delivered the film, but a lot of people put their hearts and souls into the project and it would be a major disappointment if Dukun is not released,” he added.

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motiff nk amik i jd dukun?

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btw, bru realize 1 thing :
fendy + mona tembun = MONA FENDY

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isftpoawawh said...

In 1963 a young man from Malasia came to our home in The USA as a foreign exchange student, for his senior year of high school(primary school).
His name at that time was Idros Bin Idris. After finishing his primary education, he attended Coe College in Iowa. We maintained
contact with him for many years, even after he had changed his name to Datuk Mazlan Idris. We lost track of him after he had married and had a wife and 2 children. I am hoping this is not our dear friend from so many years ago. I would appreciate it if anyone has more knowledge about this crime and the man Datuk Mazlan Idris.

shy said...

idros bin idris and datuk mazlan bin idris is the same person...

Anonymous said...

take a peek at this..