Monday, January 21, 2008

Mydolla Eydolla2 - The Making Of....[Part 1]

During the making, we took pictures. With helps from crew for probes & settings. Fantastic people who worked as a team. Beyond "Merepekness" the excellent team have the reputation for handling Programmes & Events for the past six months. More than 20 programmes, tours & events for a fan club.

It's not just a Bloggy Novella project. It's all about friendship and teamwork. No matter how ridiculous the project sounds, we will turn that project into something else. It reflects on how we really work in organising an event. From an idea, comes undevided support, from a ridiculous idea to a fantastic idea, from ordinary to extraordinary, from just a project to friendship...and then comes the satisfaction. Dare to Be different !

Every single one of us are special in our own special way. Sometimes we failed to notice that...that we are special as a team.

During the shoot [fara as host] we had dinner together. We watched AF and laughed. (The part where Azim, KC and Fendy appears as back dancers or jantan kaberet for Candy's "Perhaps" performance ) We gossips and we catch up with things. We had fun.

In this part of "The Making Of...", I will share with you guys on pictures taken and edited by Megat. See for yourself and tell us what you guys think !

Facts Behind The Scenes:
Shoot the whole thing around 2 hours.....
Lebih dari 120 gambar telah diambil sepanjang tempoh 2 jam itu.
Melibatkan lebih 9 orang tenaga produksi (dari KL, Damansara, Shah Alam, Putrajaya) utk menjalankan shooting.

Idea Asal/jalan cerita: Spontan dari ray. Tiada lakaran/no story board atau persiapan langsung....main bantai jerrr...asal boleh.

Dari two hours nya kerja (120 gambar)dibahagikan pula kepada beberapa episod.

Setiap episod ada lebih kurang 12-15 gambar. Megat mengambil masa minumum 30 minit untuk mengedit gambar-gambar/menambah kesan khas utk satu episod. (Megat tidak mengedit gambar sekali gus)

Selepas gambar diedit, ray akan susun gambar utk final consideration. Selepas berpuas hati, ray akan mengambil masa sekitar 1 jam utk menulis rangka cerita bagi satu episod. Dan setengah jam extra untuk mengemaskinikan cerita.

Itulah proses yang telah crew kami lalui.

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~SYAMELIA~ said...

well said ray...

i like part when u mentioned about the reputation thingy.. n also the 2nd paragraph... about friendship n such... its true indeed...

sometimes, we juz overlooked the fact that little things means a lot... especially when friendship n understanding is concerned... i hope its x 2 much 2 say; not many people can do the things that we did... n have the 'bound' that we have...

N as far as photography is concerned, megat did a marvelous job...

i might have said it earlier, but, i'd like 2 mention it again :
m proud of u, s in both of u...