Saturday, January 19, 2008


A very tiring week! Not as easy as we think. Imagine handling 90 children and half of them never been to school !

An Office with a view

The Plan : To provide best facilities (that I can afford) for 85 children this year.

Method Used for promotion: Banner and word of mouth

The Goal : 100% literate before Primary School

Advantage : Location, Smart reader & English medium pre school

The pilot : Me

Puan Juli Suriani - Principal

Co Pilot : My sister Juli & her husband Noor Sham
Graduated from Paramount University, USA
and her husband, Ex student MCKK (Malay College Kuala Kangsar) & studied abroad in New Zealand [not sure which University]
Prove : All their children....straight A's student [top in their class]

Even my sis is the principal, she's fully involves in operational work....her speciality is teaching children to read. She spends more than 15 hours daily in her work. Fully committed.

In Musolla aka Surau

This year, we are full house. We achieved our target. More than 85 students this year. And now comes another challenge. To provide the best pre school education for all of them.

I can't forget the first day of school.

Scenario before : Children arrived with their parents. They cried....The teachers have to convince all of is fun, can learn lot of things etc. Imagine handling 30 children who cried !

Outcome : All the staffs pengsan at the end of the day.

Under Control

It has been few weeks now. No more crying. But we have children who throw shoes at you when you asked them to arrange those shoes. Hahahha!
They are comfortable now but they don't listen to you.

Scenario Now: Children running around. As safety is our main priority, we have be alert at all times. Don't even think to take a break. Give your 110% for 4 hours straight.

I salute all the teachers. It's not an easy thing to do.

So, if you have any children...and when you pay an amount of money for your child's pre eduaction...think! Don't complain about the fees too much.

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Adam-ArJuna said...

waahhh..dah semakin cantik menarik tertarik..

well done mr.ray...

mmg lawa la news concept of ur RSK nih..

ray eusouff said...

Gee...thanks adam

(bukan senang nak dengar adam arjuna memuji nih)

Linaaa said...

tak senang ke nak dgr dia memuji..

ray, bestnyaaaa tadika tu..
nak skola kat situ boleh tak? hahaha.

chumelnya bdk2 first day of school nangis.. tapi payah jgak kan..

all the best ray!
semoga RSK terus maju..
and provide good education always..

nak jaga adik2 kecik nie, kena banyak bersabar laa kan?