Monday, December 24, 2007

I Am Legend (2007)

On Saturday, [walk in] the cinema @ TGV KLCC. Thinking that, it's going to be long que and a full house, still wondering what to watch just incase I am Legend not available to watch. Come to our surprise, the que was not that long! And we manage to get the best seats.

This movie is the most expensive and ambitious sci-fi spectacular of the year !
It's a three movie in one. A futuristic effects-o-rama, a zombie thriller and a survivalist parable.

Starred Will Smith, who has been proclaimed by all the magazine polls of the past year as the Biggest Movie Star in the World. As a big fan of him, this is something that shouldn't be missed.

I Am Legend opens in 2012 New York City - the most deserted place on Earth. It's about a virus. Genetically altered virus has destroyed most of mankind to be precise. Smith plays a 52-year-old former Army doctor who's somehow immune from the scourge and lives in a Manhattan utterly devoid of his own kind.

He is not alone. Companied by his German shepherd (animals also are mostly immune) have the city to themselves during the day but at night the streets are taken over by former humans that the affliction has turned into ugly, slobbering, kill-crazy fiends out to eat him. Robert (Smith) is lonely and his loneliness is eroding his sanity. He talks to Sam as if she was a human. He speaks to department store mannequins he has dressed in clothing. He rents DVDs of old news shows not so much so he can revisit the past but so he can hear human voices and pretend he's not alone.

Have you watch "28 days later" and "Cast Away"?. It's combination of both. Imagine living alone in a deserted city. Compared to "28 days later", the zombie...not a slow moving creature that can easily be defeated. Will Smith's performance is damaged, broken and very believable. He carries the first hour and half of the film so beautifully and with such conviction you feel like you are watching a man trying not to loose it but you know it is already gone. This is not the Will Smith we know, he does bring his gosh-darn we love him so much charm to the film with a few (very few) funny lines but other than those he is a great dramatic actor. A few scary moments, which were well done, added to the film, they were not put in there just to be scary. The fact that you never really get to see a steady, prolonged shot of the "Dark Walkers" added to the suspense, what we can't see is scarier than what we can. A lot is left to the imagination, which helps the film rather than holds it back.

Overall, this movie did it's job of keeping my attention and at the same time entertaining me. It doesn't rely on scene to scene over the top CGI effects and mind blowing special effects all though there are a few throughout the movie.

Legend was gripping, emotional, and suspenseful.

Watch it ! B+

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Farazila said...

dah tgk dah citer I AM LEGEND tue..
x ske..xske..
buat org suspen jer...

sunyi bila hidup x berteman kan..
rase kosong sesangat...

ray eusouff said...

lebih kurang mcm tu la ray rasa skrg