Sunday, November 25, 2007

Origin of T-Shirt & Jeans

Date of Birth : World War II

Originally worn as an undergarment (baju dalam) to get more wear out of collared shirts, the tshirt made its first fashion appearance as an image of the soldier, stripped down to his regulation undershirt, become a pin image for the girls back home. The white tshirt become the uniform of disgruntled youth of the 50's as it gradually became mainstream.

Its slowly made its way out into the open in the 50's and 60's, when it was first worn with jeans -by movie idols James Dean. Slowly after that, tshirt had become mechanic workshops to Gucci plastered their names accross the chest with logos, slogans and graphics.

Date of Birth : 1850

The first jeans were cut by Levi Strauss in 1850, who made them out of canvas from tents and wagon covers. Shortly after, Strauss switch from canvas to a tough cotton fabrics from Nimes in France.

For the 100 years, jeans were worn by farmers and workers, until the late 60's when they were embraced by american teenagers, who saw them as a symbol of anti establishment protest. A global phenomenon was born.

Since then, jeans have remained a wardrobe staple. These days you'll get away with wearing them almost anywhere, day or night.

Origin of sarongs, undies, pyjamas, thongs, sunglassess & g-strings?

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