Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Pick ! [Window Shopping]

When the last time I went shopping ? Hurmm..let's start the history of ray's fashion...hahaha...yikes! 10 years ago, I never bother what to wear. Just hop into the nearest departmantal store and hunt for tshirts. Hurm...sesuai je terus beli. Period. I shopped alone because I don't feel comfortable buying stuffs when my friends are around. For two reasons. First, they don't shop and intend to critisize a lot. Lucky for me, when I started wearing stuffs I bought...they kept their mouth shut.

Being a flight crew, actually kinda changed me. I have this desire to look good, simply because...people around me, look good. So, I dragged myself to shopping malls, looking for stuffs that suits me. That, simply not enough...I actually forced myself to bring friends who actually knows about "what to wear". Yerp, Stewardesses. I learned that colours plays an important criteria in order to pick what's best for me. And I also learned that NOT all colours suits my skin colour. Aiyaiyai.

My pick for today is stripes. Do you know that stripes do not look good for big size people? Why? they will look bigger...So lucky me...I thin so ok...stripes polo shirt would be allright...I guess. Colours? bantai je long it's not pink or with glitters. I guess shirt [picture above] would be ok with me. What do you think?

Part of grooming, you must also smells good. My first perfume would be "Follow Me". NOT. hahaha. Polo is my first ever perfume. I also learned about cologne, body spray, deodorant, aftershave and hair clay. Yerp...ladies...ten years ago...there is such thing as Clay for hair. It's only recently people in malaysia started using clay on their hair. I would choose not so strong perfume because I don't have body ador. Lucky me huh? So CKone would be my choice this time.

Shoes. Before this I only put sports shoes on. Nike, Adidas or early days dulu...bata. Don't laugh ok...when you don't have pruchasing powers, your parents decided what shoes you should wear. Not complaining but they made good shoes in Gombak...hahhaa. When you are travelling overseas, it's important to have good shoes. During winter, you can't just put sports shoes have to wear leather shoes so that your "kaki" won't sweat so much and produce bau stoking...hahhaha. You walked a lot..almaklum..pergi negara orang...mesti la nak kesana kemari walaupun kesejukan. Jangan fikir, bila sejuk, kaki kita tak berpeluh.

Sandals. At first, kinda weird wearing sandals. 10 years ago in KL when you wear one of these, you have this invisible mark on your forehead "GAY". So tak berani nak pakai. hahaha. Now different already lah. Masa kecik dulu, I pakai selipar jepun or orang kampung panggil "selipar jamban" sbb u intend to wear it in the toilet. Now, I do wear selipar jamban every where I go but yang colourful la. Dulu, selipar jepun comes only in one and white. wohhhhh! Sandals you can wear with khakis and jeans....

Kasut lagi. This is a good walking shoes. Yea..yea..apa bezanya ngn sport shoes kan? Sport shoes ada macam2 jenis. Tapak tebal sesuai untuk bersukan...for resistance. Nipis sikit sesuai for walking. Yang kurang arif pasal kasut akan main beli saje. Ada jugak ray notice yang guys pakai kasut tennis bila jalan-jalan or kasut jungle tracking for jogging.

Fokus on the shoes. Something yang teenagers skrg suka pakai. Tapaknya tak tebal sangat so....sesuai as walking shoes. Seluar tu looks so comfortable kan? nak nak...hahhaa. nampak casual sangat seluar tu. Cuttingnya buat orang yang pakai seluar tu nampak it's important to choose cutting seluar kalau taknak nampak rendah....hikhikhik.

This is an example on something that I should not wear. First, kaler orange coklat2 tu tak sesuai with my skin colour and second warna ungu tak sesuai untuk orang kulit gelap mcm ray ni. Kat Dafi ok la kut...hahaha. Ray pernah teman Dafi shopping once, and he is quite good in choosing what suits him best. He also intend to explain few things or tips (not for me) about fashion. He explains as he chooses [like a review] on choices that he have made for himself. So I listened lah...hehehe.

I am not an expert. Just sharing what I know and what I have learned. If you think that my pick or my sense of fashion not the right one...tell me why la. I'm still learning.

Sekarang takde duit nak beli baju so buat je la window shopping kat my blog ni je.

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Anonymous said...

ray! me no expert either. But secara logic kena sort of being kan

what's your opinion abt 3/4 pants? ...nabil