Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm back but still away?

Semua macam terkejut bila ray datang GSA. Right after GSA, ada DFC meeting, nak bincang pasal our upcoming event. Since I'm free, why not come la kan?

Meeting kali ni melibatkan Dafinites. Itupun xde la ramai. 3 orang. Ayyum, Takumi san and Dayah. VID lain semua busy dengan commitment masing-masing. So, others have to help out. Event ni quite big but less involvement from VIDs this time.

The fact is Im still away. Walaupun dah balik tapi my work tak habis lagi. I might go back there to follow up on few things. Dafi pun busy giler. Masa ray balik, Dafi is in Brunei. Ahad, GSA and the next day (today) he is off for a cruise trip. Part of his work for promotion. After cruise je, terus ke Bangkok...he will shoot an advertisement there. what advert? don't ask me...I have no idea advert apa. He will be in Bangkok sampai hujung bulan. Balik dari Bangkok, he will then go Penang pulak.

The last time ray betul2 jumpa dafi pun masa RSK nya event in Seremban. Yesterday, walaupun dafi ada di Subang parade, pass2 barang saja, signal2 dari pentas and that's all. Apa2 pasal DFC, I can only sms him or talk to him bila dia betul-betul free. Itupun, before his bedtime. He is damn busy....ray pun busy bagai nak rak. So nak cari masa almost impossible la weiii.

Even that Im away...kalau ada masa tu, ray akan involve sikit2. Dafi is a friend and I've promised to help him out. I am worried abt this event but at the same time trust jgk the team can make it happen as long as they put personal problem aside. people changed but the show must go on.

I will be in Seremban this week. My learning center tgh renovate for better facilities next year. I have to be there to control budget and stuff.

After writing this blog ray nak ronda2 kat blog kawan-kawan. I come.

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