Friday, November 30, 2007

All About Malaysia Airlines

Walaupun dah resigned, I am always proud to be ex Malaysia Airlines Crew. Without Malaysia Airlines, I won't be the person I am today. 10 years of service banyak mengajar ray tentang human touch (people skills), public relation and service. This advertisement keluar regularly kat tv in 2005. Meremang bulu roma tengok. It's true...Our cabin crew is among the best in the should be proud because it's Malaysian hospitality that we are representing.

Tahun 2004, Malaysia Airlines melalui perubahan besar. Cabin for first class dan business class diubah suai. Inflight service juga melalui perubahan besar. I was among the first yang dilatih melalui perubahan besar ini. I was chosen and rated as First Class/Business Class Crew (dedicated crew).

Watch this cabin layout and service for First Class and Business class, so that you can understand apa yang ray buat as peramugara di atas kepal terbang ni. Makanan yang disediakan, basically disediakan oleh peramugara dan dihidangkan oleh peramugari. Setiap perkara amat teliti dari cara penyediaan makanan hingga lah kepada cara menghidangkannya. Food presentation...adehhh yang paling susah nak buat sebab knowledge tentang makanan nak kena tip top.

First class service from KL to London will cost you around RM 24,000.00. Imagine that!

Yang bawah ni pulak...antara iklan terbaik yang ray pernah tengok. Bagi ray (I watch iklan airlines jugak) MAS memang terbaik dari segi advertisement.

Tribute untuk kawan-kawan ray yang masih terbang di langit biru......

Oh My God! Now I make myself missed flying!!!!!

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